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Giving children a key to successfully navigate life

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Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness For Children is an online internationally accredited mindfulness training provider.

We offer mindfulness-based educational programs for children and online mindfulness training courses for teachers and parents.

To promote flourishing our programs and courses integrate mindfulness training with a positive psychology approach to improving and/or maintaining wellbeing. Our programs are designed to promote flourishing through the development of mind-body-spirit; environmental stewardship; the scientific knowledge behind healthy eating; and ethical and moral growth.

The KOTUS Method philosophy maintains that to improve the wellbeing of our children we must first ensure the teacher (or parent) is well educated, inspired and developed, not only for teaching the subject but in a way that promotes mindfulness, meditation, self-care and flourishing within themselves. And it is from this ability of belonging, being and becoming that the teacher (or parent) gains true personal insight to live and teach from.


Mindfulness For Children has been created to bring flourishing into our homes, childcare’s and schools through learning mindfulness and meditation.

for Children

All our programs and lesson plans are included in our level 1 teacher training and parent training courses.


Mindfulness based programs for 3 – 6 yrs. Aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework, our 10 week creative play program introduces children to mindfulness and various forms of meditation as they learn all about bees. This program integrates a wellbeing program for the home.

A Flow Form Lesson Plan for under 6 yrs. Trip to the moon. 

8 week mindful eating program for 7 years to adults. Grab a free copy at the top of this page.

10 week art based flourishing program. Read for free via my Facebook Page or our public Facebook community.

8 week oneness program 12 - 18 yrs. The science behind the oneness.

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for Parents

Gain confidence, calm and focus through completing our 8 week online mindfulness training course for adults.

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Discover a new way of living and flourishing and gain insight for sharing the joy of mindful living with your family.


Mindfulness For Children is committed to providing quality education at affordable prices.

Mindfulness for Children

for Teachers

All our teacher courses are internationally accredited through IMMA.

The KOTUS Method

Level 1 -  Certified Mindfulness For Children Practitioner (no prerequisite). This is 8 weeks training, or self-paced ext. 

Suitable for Childcare Teachers, School Teachers and Health Care Professionals.

Level 2 - Certified Mindfulness Teacher (prerequisite level 1). A total of 12 months training.

Level 3 - Diploma Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (prerequisite level 1 & 2). A total of 24 months training.

Certified Flow Form Practitioner (Level 1).  Teach mindfulness based StoryTime sessions through BrainDance, Yoga and Tai Chi Qigong, to children aged 18 months to 6 years. Self-paced.

Certification for training adults presented through KOTUS Rising.

Also available: Accredited courses in lesson building & program building.

 Become a Flow Form Practitioner

Level 1 (for preschoolers)

  • Teach Flow Form (yoga, dance and tai chi qigong) to children 6 years and under as a Level 1 internationally accredited Flow Form Practitioner.
  • Use StoryTime & BrainDance as your foundation for creating educational mindfulness sessions that embrace social and emotional development through movement.
  • Have the children enjoy developing mind-body-spirit connections as they use their imaginations through role playing to practice dance, yoga and Tai Chi Qigong.
  • Run programs that give children an opportunity to sing; chant; practice reverence and gratitude; and preform metta moments.
  • Understand the pathways that the body can move through, which ultimately help scaffold higher order thinking skills.
  • Enhance your own wellbeing by discovering and developing your own style of self-expression through movement.

Student Review

Thank you so much Elizabeth - For your support, for your time, and your kindness in sharing knowledge. This course has been so much more then I could have imagined. It has been a incredible journey, of self discovery.

Elizabeth delivers the information in such a way, I felt shifts happening within myself. I felt that I was slowing down in my very busy daily routine. I feel more present and have become aware of myself, our environment and all around me, on a different level. This course has help in my personal life, I am a mum of four and work full time as an educator, you have taught me valuable lessons on navigating through life. Here I was signing up to do this for my workplace, when it is so much more. I have implement everything you teach us, in the class, coming from a mindful approach. We learn how to read ourselves, the environment and children and how to make the changes we need. Thank you.

I believe our children will be the change, this world needs, and this course is what helps us adults, to arm the children with tools to become the kind compassionate, flourishing adults and to bring back the peace and love and harmony we so need.

Elizabeth hand on heart, the best course I have done.

Sammy Clark

Assistant Director

Upcoming Event

Mindful Smiles Day - May 18

A non-profit awareness campaign to highlight the 1 in 4 Aussie kids suffering from a mental disorder and how we can work together for change.

Getting involved and making a change can be as simple as making sure your children are brushing their teeth with mindfulness and wearing their smiles.

Making sure our children are in a routine of formal mindfulness training through brushing their teeth mindfully, twice a day improves both mental health and oral hygiene.

There's magic in your smile! We all have a key to harness the power of the universe, it's just that some people forget to use theirs. - Elizabeth Mulhane


KOTUS Rising Pty Ltd


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