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Learn practical skills to strengthen your own practice as you gain skills to incorporate enjoyable mindfulness and meditation sessions into your centre, or school. 

Due to COVID workshops are being delivered online, via Zoom.  In person workshops are available within Sydney.

Have one of our amazing internationally accredited teachers deliver the KOTUS Method workshop to your staff members.

All workshops include downloadable workbooks for attendee's. Each workshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure quality.

Each workshop includes an age appropriate downloadable mindfulness based program for your centre and school, along with a certificate of attendance. Attendee's also receive a certificate of attendance.


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Mindfulness for children is an internationally accredited online school.

You can find our listing via the International Mindfulness and meditation alliance.


This is a 3-hour online workshop and the additional age appropriate program you receive may be used for teacher identified PD (TIPD).

This workshop (and the additional program that is included) may be used as teacher identified pd (TIPD). 

This is a theoretical and practical workshop. Educators will discover the theories related to the mind and mindfulness, as they explore a variety of mindfulness and meditation practices. Through this workshop your staff will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their own lives and into their daily programs with the children.

Structure of the Workshop


Personal introduction of the instructor and the outline of the evening.

Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises

A variety of practical enjoyable mindfulness and meditation exercises; practical thinking exercises and script writing.

Interesting Lectures

Short interesting lectures along the way; including what is mindfulness; what the research has found

Some of the things you will discover in the workshop

What is mindfulness

What the research has found

The mind in action/theory on cognitive behavioral therapy and self-awareness for cultivating the mind

Why we practice gratitude and loving-kindness

The power of mantras/positive affirmations

How to calm children and shift their moods

Incorporating mindfulness into everyday living

How to develop the mind’s eye for creativity and wellbeing.

Adding movement to our sessions

Structured group discussions for brain storming, communicating and sharing ideas.

Additional resources:

To ensure your staff feel confident to deliver creative ways of practicing mindfulness and meditation to the children, this workshop also includes a take away program to deliver to the children. Here's the program designed for 3 to 6 year olds.

Note: We have programs available for all ages

The takeaway additional program for ages 3 to 6 years:

A 10-week mindfulness-based creative play program

Also includes a script booklet; craft booklet; and a 10-week flourishing program for the home.

Each week the children will play a game; create a craft; and have two group discussions; one about bees and one related to the focus point they discovered for that week. As they also experience a variety of mindfulness and meditation practices. Using technology to access a short YouTube link for that week (or substitute with a book) the children learn about the world of bees and how important bees are in our lives.

The program is also designed to also encourage recall for the children’s memory development and the ability to hold facts.

At the end of each week’s session, the program also includes a guide to show teachers the early years learning framework that have been incorporated into the session (Based on the Australian Early Years Learning Framework).

The weekly mindfulness exercises include: a variety of mindful eating (and grounding) exercises; gratitude and loving-kindness exercises; Spidey senses exercises; mindful breathing exercises (and de-centreing); mindful listening; and developing mantra/positive affirmations for following the golden rule of treating others well).

The two group discussion: (one about bees and one about that week’s wellbeing focus point). The detailed guide for each discussion is included within the program, along with the questions to ask the children and the answers (just in case you forget them).

The 10 wellbeing focus points embedded into the program to encourage flourishing

Positive emotion (I feel good), engagement (I can focus), interest (I am enjoying this), meaning (I am loved and I love others), purpose (intention – I follow the golden rule for a reason), autonomy (I did it), competence (I did it well), relatedness (I am the same), positive relationship (I practice loving kindness), accomplishment (I finished it).

The weekly crafts: a variety of craft making and painting that end with making a bee from air drying clay.

The weekly games: Pretending to be a bee; The pollen game; Spidey senses; the apple tree game; how many bees on the hive; worker bees versus processor bees; move the pollen from flower to flower; the waggle dance game; Spidey senses; group vote to repeat the favourite game.

Additional resource: A 10 week wellbeing program for the home.

This program is very simply for parents to follow. The program was designed to align with the 10 week mindfulness based creative play program. Research as demonstrated that parent involvement is an essential part of developing wellbeing within our children, when parents are provided with programs that align with what the child is learning, we provide our children with the best opportunity to developing ways of flourishing.

Over the 10 weeks the parents are guided through a parenting activity for nurturing wellbeing and increasing life satisfaction – based on the use of the 10 wellbeing focus points. Each week’s activity includes a simple empowering lesson and affirmation for parents to share with their child.

Need more information? ...And how about some reviews?

The history of the development of the workshop.

Elizabeth designed a 3 hours program to specifically cater for the needs of the Drama Toolbox (Melbourne, Australia). A group of dedicated ladies that bring creative drama programs into schools and wanted to also learn how to include mindfulness. Here’s what they had to say:

"Great thinking outside the box and understanding the ‘be’ of physical and mental strategies in mindfulness. It would have been good to cover some theory more in detail; cognitive-behavioral; stress reduction theories. However, this more have impacted on our time."

"Some great ideas – specifically for kids and adults, especially me! You’ve taught me how easily I can incorporate a number of strategies in different ways. I enjoyed everything. Thank you!"

"Great practical ideas to use! You opened my eyes as to how much mindfulness I was already doing (despite me thinking that I was doing done!) I loved your hands-on approach. Thank you so much!"
"Thank you for opening my mind to endless concepts and skills that can be used to teach and do mindfulness. Found it very helpful and I can’t wait to implement what I have learned."

"Thanks, Elizabeth. Your session was full of practical ideas we can actually use in our Drama workshops."

"Thank you for illuminating the differences between visual and physical mindfulness. Thank you for giving me tools to improve my vocabulary, trust my instincts, and share my energy. I would have liked more physicality in the workshop."

"Lots of opportunities to brainstorm specific practical examples that we can use."

"Loved how you catered the workshop for our needs. The brainstorming and lesson planning were particularly useful."

Elizabeth then went on to design a workshop for childcare centres. Which has now evolved into also catering for schools. Here’s what the staff at Hillside Preschool had to say:

"The more time I spent with you the more calm and connected I became. You are very knowledgeable and are very passionate. I loved the shape in the booklet, how important sound is and how our brains automatically connect to one another.’ 

"Very interesting. Learned a lot. You were an interesting person.’ “Could have been longer. Eg., A Day seminar (but after work so tired)."

"I enjoyed the experience, although personally found it difficult to erase thoughts and concentrate but will definitely practice more, as I found it very interesting. Look forward to teaching the children what we have learned. Thanks"

"I found this a really amazing experience, I feel like I have more knowledge on how to help children experience mindfulness.’ 

"This workshop was empowering as I felt I could incorporate this into our day with the children. Great information from you Elizabeth."

"I found this great for my own personal development and wellbeing. It was interesting and I feel will help me professionally and personally. I felt I have learned a lot and have a new understanding.’ ‘I enjoyed the group activities

Mindfulness For Children will continue to support you...

To continue to inspire you after you have completed the workshop Mindfulness For Children offer's a YouTube channel ; a Facebook Page and a public Facebook group for sharing mindfulness with teachers and parents.

Mindfulness For Children also promotes a non-profit awareness campaign promoting Mindful Smiles Day (May 18), to encourage and enable parents to support formal mindfulness training with the home twice a day, when children are brushing their teeth. You can register your commitment via are Facebook Page Events.

We also offer an 8 week online internationally accredited teacher's course for  educators wanting to go to the next level. This program has been awarded international accreditation through IMMA (the Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance) and also received 40 points for cpd from Cpd Standards assessment (and international accreditation). Additionally, Mindfulness For Children offers a mindfulness program for parents and provides a Find a Teacher index for anyone looking for support from one of our accredited teachers. 

Please note we no longer carry Cpd Standards as an affiliate due to this organisation not being an internationally recognised organisation.



Michelle Arscott
Michelle Arscott

Michelle Arscott

The International Kids Life coach
2020 Stevie Gold Coach of the Year- Mental Wellness

Michelle Arscott is the 2020 Stevie Gold Winner - Life Coach in Wellness and Health, she is also an internationally accredited adult and kids’ mindfulness teacher. 

Michelle is an experienced teacher trainer. Additionally, her talents lead to publishing a children's book ‘Jake’s Joyful Bubbles’ for 2–6-year-olds, introducing mindfulness and the loving kindness meditation to children. The book is an Amazon ranked top 30 mindfulness books for children. To find out more about the book please go to the website: michellearscottbooks.com

Michelle has a global base of clients and works, working virtually and face to face and loves her work!

Michelle Arscott
Michelle Arscott

Karen Power has worked as a Childcare Professional for over twenty-five years and is now a full time mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher for children of all ages. 

Karen's training and qualifications also include:

Accredited Creative Mindfulness Kids Practitioner,

Internationally Accredited Mindfulness Children's Teacher,

MBSR-T Stressed Teens Provider,

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Facilitator,

and 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Karen's philosophy is never stop learning. She is currently undertaking a diploma in mindfulness and meditation through KOTUS Rising. 

The Founder

Elizabeth Mulhane

Elizabeth Mulhane

Founder and Program Designer

My formal journey with mindfulness began over thirty years ago as a teenagers joining a local yoga group. By the time I become a mother my personal practice became a source of encouragement and helped me better understand myself as a parent and individual. Like all parents, I wanted to prepare my kids the best I could for their future. Now a mother of four adult children, one teenager and a grandmother of two, I’ve discovered that mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools to share with anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.

I am dedicated to supporting individuals, parents, teachers and caregiver in developing a sense of flourishing within themselves and their children. My credentials for teaching mindfulness, meditation and ways of improving wellbeing include:

Over 30 years of yoga, meditation and fasting experience (including a 40 day/night fast);

A B.PsycSci(Hons) (2A) – 2 part thesis on improving wellbeing through mindfulness and sound. Post grad mindfulness teacher training through the Wollongong Nan Tien Institute of Higher Education & Emory University (SEE Learning Cert).

Certified Brain Games Practitioner and Cert in Teaching with Music.

I also create amazing, affordable and transforming online mindfulness courses and programs for teachers, parents and children.