By Elizabeth Mulhane

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Please read through these terms and conditions. You must agree to these terms and conditions in order to purchase a course from Mindfulness For Children and/or KOTUS Rising PTY LTD.

  1. Abusive users.
    • We have the right to remove abusive users from our private community course participation. User will be regarded as abusive users if they use what would commonly be regarded as aggressive, or sexual, or hate speech referencing and/or behaviour towards other members of the group.
    • We also have the right to remove abusive users from the website, which means removal from the course. If a user is removed from the course under these circumstances they will not be entitled to a refund, or to register for any other courses.
  2. Participation within our private communities.
    • Participation within our private student teacher communities, either while completing your course, or after receiving your certification is a bonus part of this course. The administration has the right to remove members at any time without the users consent.
    • People purchasing the adult course (with family orientation) are not entitled to join our private student teacher communities, or apply for membership.
  3. Comment policy.
    • We have the right to remove any and all comments, either on our websites, public groups, or private groups, for any reason.
    • Disrespectful comments to other student or teacher community members may result in explosion from the community. Being removed from a private community is at the complete discretion of management. See section 1.
  4. Intellectual property theft.
    • This website has copyright.
    • You are not allowed to copy any of the courses or programs on this site.
    • You are not allowed to re-sell the programs that you will be provided throughout the course.
    • You do have permission to run any bonus programs and workshops for nonprofit. This means if you are employed as a childcare educator, teacher or therapist, you can run the bonus programs within your establishment of employment, freely and without the need for ongoing membership.
    • If you are completing this course to become a private practitioner, you agree to an ongoing annual membership fee to be entitled to run the bonus programs, or workshops for profit.
    • You must have permission from Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane to run programs and workshops for profit. They are the intellectual property of Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane.
    • Compulsory membership fees only apply to private, for profit practitioners, that are using the intellectual property (programs and workshops) designed by Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane, to gain income. This means if you are charging a fee to adults or parents of children, to participate in programs and workshops designed by Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane, you must commit to an annual membership fee.
  5. Potential litigation.
    • If you suffer from any mental health conditions we ask you to seek permission from your doctor before continuing with this purchase.
    • If you suffer from any physical conditions and you are wanting to register for our Level 1 Flow Form course, we ask that you seek medical advice before registering. Please read our Equality and Disability Policy for more information on training, for people with disabilities.
    • If you decide to continue with this purchase you are agreeing that

Mindfulness For Children, KOTUS Rising PTY LTD and/or Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane are not liable in any way, as a result of you experiencing any type of mental or physical health issues, while completing this course, or thereafter. 

  • Receiving an accreditation to teach children does not certify you for teaching adults. This means certified Mindfulness For Children Practitioners do not have permission, or the necessary training and qualifications to teach parents, teachers, or colleagues.
  • We are committed to regulating the mindfulness industry. Therefore, if you only complete our Level 1 training courses, and therefore only qualify to teach children (and not adults) and you are advertising yourself to the public, you shall refer to yourself as a Mindfulness For Children Teacher, or, Mindfulness For Children Practitioner, or Flow Form Practitioner (Level 1). You shall not refer to yourself as ‘Mindfulness Teacher’, as this may be interpreted as misleading to the public.
  • Mindfulness For Children, KOTUS Rising LTD PTY and/or Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane cannot be held responsible in any way, for any litigation brought against you from a third party, under any circumstances.
  • If you are a private practitioner for personal profit, within your own business, and you run the programs and/or workshops created by Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane, without subscribing to an annual membership fee, you will be in breach of these terms and conditions and liable for intellectual property thief.
  1. Payment plan options.
    • You agree to have the funds available when they are due to be deducted from your nominated account.
    • Failing to make your payments will result in automatic, temporary suspension from your course for a minimum of 24 hours, while the automatic request for payment is regenerated.
    • Failure to continue with your agreed payment plan option, will result in being removed from the course until you payments are up to date.
    • You may contact administration to change your payment agreement if you are suffering from financial hardship.
    • At the discretion of management you may be provided with an adjusted payment plan option if you are struggling to make the payments you originally agreed it. However, you must contact management to confirm this process.
  2. Refund policy.
    • While you may receive a refund for any reason, upon request. A full refund will only be given if you have not submitted an assignment and received feedback from a teacher.
    • If you have received feedback on your assignment task/s and for some reason you decide to withdraw from the course, management have the right to deduct payment for teacher wages towards the time spent assessing your work.
  3. Receiving your certification.
    • Accreditation will only be awarded once a student has fully paid for the course.
    • To gain certification you must have completed the course, which includes the course content and the assignment tasks within the course. This may include needing to re-submit a task if the work submitted is deemed unsatisfactory.
  4. Ongoing support.
    • Ongoing support (within reasonable limits, as deemed appropriate by management), after teacher certification, is completely at the discretion of the management and teachers.
    • Management has the right to discontinue ongoing free support after course completion, at their discretion.
    • Ongoing support is provided to teachers through our private teacher communities and does not included free private mentoring. Additional free support, or advice, is provided via posting within the private teacher communities.
    • Ongoing support, within reasonable limits, will be provided to people participating in the adult training course (with family orientation), via free membership to our public Facebook community. Support is provided through community postings and the ability for members to comment on the posts in our public Facebook community.
    • Private tuition is available for any and all students that need extra support outside of the private and public communities. This support will be provided at an additional charge, or mentoring fee.
    • If at any time, either through the course, or beyond, you feel you are suffering from any type of mental health struggle, you are advised to book an appointment with your doctor, or contact a counselling service.
    • We offer membership via the KOTUS Method Association upon request. Membership also includes access to our member’s only forums; additional resources for continuing development and support and public listing upon request.