Day 2: Tea drinking meditation. Our first tea drinking meditation involved the totality of having a cup of tea. That is, we concentrated on self-awareness; appreciation of interdependence; recognising common humanity and recognising how we engage with our community when we participate in simply sitting alone drinking tea.

We gave our mind a time to focus on one ‘experience’, yet we created a range of concepts, for our mind to flow through, that revolved around that one experience. In doing this, we created scaffolding for our mind to learn to meditate. We didn’t try to force our concentration, and because there was a lot a thought involved in this meditation, our mind didn’t wonder away as much. By limiting our inner battle of needing to redirect and pull back our mind – we created a more enjoyable experience. One in which we felt more successful. Therefore, resulting in experiencing a sense of intrinsic reward.

These kind of exercises that involve concentrating on inner and outer environmental experiences give the mind the rope it often needs to roam, while we are learning to cultivate our mental state – through concentration -towards a state of flourishing. Continue to practice this type of formal meditation – and mix it up by using other drinks; food items; the application of beauty products, shampoos, clothing’s items, etc. Remember, we are gently training our mind to pay attention and do what it’s told. This takes effort and a lot of time and becomes a rewarding and worthy pursuit. So stay with it.

If you haven’t experience Day 1 of the tea drinking meditation you can find it here.

Today when you drink your tea (or whatever beverage you enjoy) spend most of the 10 minutes in present moment self-awareness, while applying a strong sense of self-compassion. That is, take 3 big breaths to relax and unwind; then find a nice breathing rhythm and let your breath become the anchor that keeps your mind settle in the body as you experience all your senses involved with drinking your tea (air traveling in and out of your body; taste, smell, the warmth in your hands, the feeling of the tea traveling into your body and settling in your stomach). Since you have already completed the ‘tea drinking meditation in it’s totality’, your mind should be able to think about everything and everyone else involved, and feel gratitude – in about one minute. Our minds are pretty amazing like that.

So only take that long to processes that part of the meditation. For the rest of the time, whenever your mind wonders off, use your breath to slowly bring it back, then allow your awareness to just flow through your senses and continue to apply positive affirmations to yourself throughout. For example, (bringing my mind back) I say internally, I’m breathing in, smell my tea, I’m breathing out, smile, relax, let go, I deserve to experience relaxation and peace. And I give myself permission to sit and rest. I give my mind permission to simply settle and enjoy just ‘being’ with my tea. I offer myself feelings of compassion and loving kindness. The point here, once again, is to just concentration, within the meditation, to simply stay on topic. The topic of mindfully drinking tea in a state of self-compassion.

Kind regards,

☕️?- Elizabeth Mulhane

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Tea drinking meditation – Day 1

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