8 Week Online Mindfulness Training course for Adults – family orientated

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Course Outline: This course is awesome and meant to be enlightening and enjoyable!

The course is designed to run over 8 weeks through an online course component and a 49 page downloadable workbook. However, you can self-pace to suit your lifestyle. Each week contains both the theoretical and practical components of learning mindfulness and various forms meditation. There is a quiz at the end of certain lectures to consolidate learning and students also have the opportunity to journal along the way.

Scientific research has clearly shown that mindfulness improves wellbeing, relationships and parenting skills. This course will teach you formal and informal forms of mindfulness...and so much more! Throughout the course you will learn how to incorporate mindful living into every day life. That is, the course is designed to maximize wellbeing through developing ways of living mindfully, while expanding your knowledge through a psychological perspective (and other branches of science). 

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This is a research based course that will provide:

  • A 49 page downloadable workbook.
  • Ongoing support via my Facebook group: Mindfulness For Children.
  • Module 1 - Mindfulness  wellbeing
  • Module 2 - Mindfulness and grounding
  • Module 3 - Mindfulness, wellbeing & movement
  • Module 4 - The mind & the self
  • Module 5 - Self inquiry & compassion
  • Module 6 - The mind's eye
  • Module 7 - Mindfulness, sound & sacred geometry
  • Module 8 - Consciousness

Course Information

Course Instructor

Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane Author

I have over 30 years experience in practicing mindfulness, meditation and various forms of movement. I also have a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Psychology, Second Class, Division A (2006 – 2015) from Central Queensland University. For my honours degree I completed a two part thesis in mindfulness, wellbeing and sound.

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Full Payment Plan


Part Payment Plan

$50.00 / week for 3 weeks

Week 1. Module 1. Mindfulness & wellbeing

Week 2. Module 2. Mindfulness and grounding

Week 3. Module 3. Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Movement

Week 4. Module 4. The Mind and the Self

Week 5. Module 5. Self Inquiry and Compassion

Week 6. Module 6. The Mind’s Eye

Week 7. Module 7. Mindfulness, Sound and Sacred Geometry

Week 8. Module 8. Consciousness

Course Outline

  • Week 1. Module 1. Mindfulness & wellbeing
    • Download your 49 page workbook and begin your daily training 
    • Lecture: Understanding Mindfulness
    • Reading: Cultivating our mind
    • Lecture: The Science behind Breathing
    • Reading: Understanding Hedonic and Eudaimonic Wellbeing.
  • Week 2. Module 2. Mindfulness and grounding
    • Guided practice: Body scan meditation exercise 
    • Mindfulness for 0 to 6 year olds
    • Reading: Mindful eating and grounding
    • Reading: The wondering mind
    • Mindful eating program for ages 7 to adult
    • Reading: Mindful eating exercise
  • Week 3. Module 3. Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Movement
    • Lecture: Theories of wellbeing, mindfulness and young children
    • Watch: Mindful Movement
    • Practical lecture: The principles of yoga, qigong and tai chi
    • Guided practice: 10 minute open eyed mindfulness of breath session
  • Week 4. Module 4. The Mind and the Self
    • Lecture: Understanding the mind through CBT and MBCT
    • Lecture: Loving kindness meditation for developing wholesome core beliefs
    • Lecture: Brain hack
    • Lecture: Perception of reality
    • Guided practice: Gratitude meditation
    • A lesson to connect children with their thoughts and feelings.
    • Reading/lecture: Mandala and sacred geometry
  • Week 5. Module 5. Self Inquiry and Compassion
    • Lecture: MBCT and CBT continued – self inquiry and the wonderfing mind
    • Guided practice: Loving kindness meditation
    • Reading: Loving kindness or a mindful empty practice!
    • Parenting
    • Reading: Anxiety Within Children (part 1)
    • Anxiety Within Children (part 2)
  • Week 6. Module 6. The Mind’s Eye
    • Technique and lecture – understanding the minds eye
    • Practical exercise for developing the minds eye
    • Sacred geometry in nature
    • Guided practice: Mind’s eye meditation with Elizabeth Mulhane
    • Practical exercise for developing the mind’s eye using Torus
    • Watch: Cultivating wholesome thoughts
  • Week 7. Module 7. Mindfulness, Sound and Sacred Geometry
    • Lecture: Sound and the human brain
    • Lecture: Music and wellbeing.
    • Lecture: Tibetan sing bowls and wellbeing plus practical exercise
    • Practical exercise: Sound and vibration and contemplation of consciousness
    • Practical exercise: Sound and sacred geometry
    • Practical exercise: meditating with sound, sight and mantra
    • Additional resources: brain waves and sounds
  • Week 8. Module 8. Consciousness
    • Lecture: Consciousness and oneness
    • Guided practice: Transcendence
    • Lecture: The joy of mathematics
    • Lecture: Third eye discussion
    • Reading: Where to from here